+ How to take part in Private Round

Currently we are looking for partners. If you are willing to invest into our Private Round

Please DM Coby - https://t.me/TweetN2022

+ Why on Twitter but not other social media platform?

We believe that Twitter is the best way to attract investors from all around the world.

+ How the Tweet-to-Earn process works?

For example, you are going to make a tweet, the only thing you need is connect to the Dapp and put our hashtag (#TweetN) on your tweet. You are going to be rewarded whenever you tweet. But there will be maximum tweet you can make per day. That’s why we create keyboard NFTs!

+ Why on Binance Smart Chain

We believe that Binance Smart Chain is the most powerful chain in crypto world and it is also cheap in gas fee. Binance Smart Chain is attracted by many investors, KOLs, influencers

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