Promotion Package (Dapp V2)

This is our future plans for TweetN after launching successfully

In TweetN, we have developed a brand new service for those influencers, KOLs who want to increase their Twitter engagement on their social media platforms. They will pay for TweetN users to retweet, comment, like, and quote their posts. This will make a supply & demand circle become more sustainable

All the $TweetN we get from those promotion package will be burnt to remain the sustainability of TweetN in the future

Promotion Package Price

  • Package 1: 1000 $TweetN (This will include comment, like only - Low interaction)

  • Package 2: 2000 $TweetN (Comment, Like, Retweet - Low interaction)

  • Package 3: 3000 $TweetN (Comment, Like, Retweet, Quote with maximum interaction)

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