Tweet-to-earn Instruction

A protocol that combine Daas and Defi Advertising Agency that allow users to earn $TweetN tweeting.
Step 1: Go to our official website ->
Step 2: Go to LAUNCH APP page (on the right corner of website) to connect Dapp
Step 3: Connect your wallet
This is our Dapp mainpage
Make sure you already have keyboard NFTs to start earning $TweetN
Step 4: Click on section Tweet2Earn
This is Tweet2Earn section page
Step 5: Click on Tweet to start making a Tweet on Twitter
  • Shared Text: To express what you want to say on your Tweet
  • URL link: This is automatically your wallet when connect to Dapp - Don't change anything
  • Hashtags: #TweetN #Tweet2Earn is our mandatory hashtag when you want to earn $TweetN
  • You can also put in new hashtag
Step 6: Click on Tweet when you're ready One thing about the Tweet - Don't worry when it shows the red line. It will be posted in your profile, you still get rewarded
Do not change anything else in your Tweet
  • Our system will notice and you will be rewarded and you can claim it when your balance show up +$TweetN