8 Must Read About TweetN

Here is a list of 7 things we recommend you look out for when doing research TweetN

1. Is the Dapp launched at the same time as the $TweetN token?

Some projects launch their token first, and the product a few weeks later. They do this so they do not need to invest their own money to program the game. Instead, they use the money from the private and public token sale, to start programming the products, or even sometimes start from scratch developing a product after the token launch.

TweetN Dapp is completed and tested before the token launch

2. Can you test the Dapp yourself before it launches?

Because some teams rush programming the product after the token launch, as explained in the first point, they do not have the time to test anything at all. In some cases, it opens an opportunity for hackers to find exploits and run with the investments of the users.

We will definitely hold a testnet version for our community to try and experience our Dapp as soon as possible. This will be before presale day. We are launching our Dapp offcially after launching token!

3. Are the graphics, website and documents professional?

Many games have many grammar mistakes in the graphics, documents that is very hard to understand for new users.

TweetN will try the best to help users feel easy to understand how Tweet-to-Earn works. All the graphics, website we designed by ourselves

4. Did the project go through KYC and Audit process?

A potential warning sign for new projects is when teams refuse to verify their identities and choose to remain anonymous. As no one knows who they are, it is impossible for them to be held accountable for their actions in cases where they perform scams and potentially run off with investor funds instead of fulfilling their promises.

TweetN team has passed KYC with PinkSale and the contract was audited by SolidProof.

5. Will team announce the marketing plans every week?

Some projects do not have any marketing plans at all. They just pay some money and won't let the community know what they are doing

TweetN has two founders at its core, who include a native English speaker and a communication training expert. On top of this, the team has been expanded to include community managers for the majority of large language groups. Weekly actions show that we care about our players and community, by providing regular progress updates, voice chat AMA's, recording new Youtube videos, etc

6. What make TweetN become unique?

A lot of click-to-earn, move-to-earn will die soon because of the inflation. They have no plans for solving that problems so the token price will fall as soon as the more users come

In TweetN, we have developed a brand new service for those influencers, KOLs who want to increase their Twitter engagement on their social media platforms. They will pay for TweetN users to retweet, comment, like, and quote their posts. This will make a supply & demand circle become more sustainable

7. Will the reward be stable and reasonable?

A lot of click-to-earn, play-to-earn games have no oracle or something to make the reward be stable and reasonable

TweetN will watch and see how the price will take place. We will change the reward per 8 hours to remain the reasonable reward for users to earn

8. Why Twitter?

We believe that Twitter is the best social media platform where we and you guys can attract a legion of people. Twitter does have many KOLs, influencers crypto so it easy to navigate ways in marketing plans.

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